Koken met Krullen


My good friend Arvid has decided to start his own business in exclusive catering. He has cooked us some delicious meals in the past already, so me and my wife really believe he can do this.


Since my wife is a graphic designer, she proposed to create his visual identity, including a website. After some discussions they decided some pictures would be necessary to illustrate his catering skills on the website. This is where I come into “the picture”!

No experience whatsoever on food photography, but up for a challenge, I started to search the internet for food photography. After some research I felt secure enough to make an appointment and go for it.


For this assignment I set up a small studio at home. Just on our dining table in the kitchen. I read multiple times that food bathed in backlit natural sunlight, would look the most tasty! So I set up the kitchen table against our kitchen window, with some white foam board to reflect the light in the front.

But just to be on the save side I also already installed a softbox in case the sun would not appear (even though forcasts were good). 1 Pm. Ding dong…What do you know! the Chef has arrived, but he forgot to bring the sun!!! Good preparations are key with studio photography. I just rotated the table so that the softbox would become my “natural” backlight. With some of my daughters baby cloths to dim it a bit more, and give it an even more natural colour. I used a 100mm, f1.8 prime on a Canon 350D.


The session took all afternoon, but it was definitely worth the experience. I really enjoyed this type of photography and would love to do it again some day soon! But the nicest thing about food photography is eating the food after the session 🙂


Be sure to check out my portofolio page and his website for the final result.


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