My Camera Bag

Ever since I got the Fujifilm X-E1, I’ve been looking for a camera bag to contain it while on the move. What do you look for in such a bag?

I wanted mine to be a comfortable, easy to access and fully protecting my camera. And last but not least, I should look cool, carrying it, as well. πŸ˜‰

First I’d set my mind on the Gravis Exposure Camera bag by Ryan Allan! But it was not to be found anywhere in Europe anymore. So after having given up on the search for while, my wife asked me a few weeks ago what I would like to have for my birthday. You guessed it…

After some googling, she came up with the Ari Marcopoulos camera bag by In Case. I was immediately sold on the design and I loved the idea of a bag designed by Ari Marcopoulos. After having read some positive reviews on the bag, she ordered one for me…

The Bag

The bag is made of sturdy materials. The fabric used, is impregnated to be water repellent and it comes with a rain cover, in case of heavy rain!

The color is different than your average black camera bag, but not too conspicuous.

The strap is padded on both ends to be carried comfortability. Because it carries like a messenger bag and can, this way, be worn on both shoulders. It has a nifty “strap-release” system to easily access the main compartment, which contains 4 padded compartments and a few smaller normal compartments! There is also a zipper inside again, to access a place to put an iPad.Β This compartment has enough space to fit an A4 magazine.

Check out the promotion video by Ari to see what fits in this bag.

It has a few very nice little details:

  • There is a quick access zipper to take out a compact camera that is directly connected to the main compartment. If you have big hands (which I have not) I can imagine it is a bit small to reach in for
  • Underneath are 2 straps to be able to carry a tripod along
  • On the back are some shades of black to white. In case you forgot your grey card πŸ˜‰

If you are looking for a camera bag that can carry your SLR camera and just 1 or 2 extra lenses, it is big enough and is highly recommended. If you need to carry more with you, you will find this bag too small.

I only carry my Fujifilm X-E1 (with some lenses), my Harinezumi and sometimes my Diana F+, so it is large enough and even more for my needs.

It fits everything I use on a daily basis, besides my camera’s and a few lenses. It has become from just being my camera bag, my one and only bag. Now I always carry my camera with me when I leave the house. And I look cool while doing it as well. Yay!

image of the inside by InCase


Party over Here

Here is a nice idea for a treat for your kid’s first birthday to give as a present to the other kids in the daycare center.


  • a nice illustration of your kid (drawn by your wife)
  • finger puppets (Ikea has got very cool ones)
  • 200 grams paper, to print the illustration on
  • a box of raisins per treat
  • double-sided tape
  • transparent wrapping paper
  • colourful ribbons
  • some stickers to write the kids names on


First you cut out the printed illustration.
Then tape the raisins box to the back of the illustration at its base, so it can stand stable.
Put a finger puppet over the hand of your illustrated kid.
Wrap it up as a nice present.
Finally stick the sticker on the back of the wrapping paper…

et, viola! πŸ™‚

[gdl_gallery title=”Party over Here” width=”IMAGE_SRC” height=”IMAGE_HEIGHT” ]

The images above were shot in low light conditions with the Fujifilm X-E1 using a 28mm and 35mm lens. I just used the jpg files sooc. Some minor curve adjustments and sharpening (which I’m still not sure if it was necessary) were done afterwards in Photoshop.